Beaches in Baska Voda area

Baska Voda
on the Makarska Riviera
The beaches on the Dalmatian Coast and in particular the Makarska Riviera are probably the main reason this part of Croatia is so popular with North Europeans Holiday makers.
At Baska Voda the quiet and some not so quiet beaches are ideal for family holidays.
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The entire Makarska Riviera coast line including Baska Voda has beautiful white pebble beaches. There are in the region of 35 town beaches which are carefully tended by the local council to maintain European standards.
There is good snorkeling and scuba diving, wind surfing, water skiing, paragliding, sailing and various other water sports.
Boats can be hired for excursions to nearby islands and for sea fishing trips.

Baska Voda South Beach
View of a beach on the Makarska Riviera
Lots of coves to snorkel
Quiet beach on the Makarska  Riviera
Baska Voda Podulka Beach
  Naturist Beaches
The Makarska Riviera has many naturist beaches. The Croatian government actively promotes this type of holiday therefore don't be surprised if your neighbour takes off more than you expect. As a rule of thumb nudity is practised in the quieter areas of the beach or those areas farthest away from the main beach entrance.

In Baska Voda the main naturist area is located about 250 metres west of the beach bar "Oseka".
The "Baska Voda naturist beaches" are very popular at week ends with local families.
sailing and surfing
Rocky shore line
Beach at Brela
Looking south along the beach at Brela
The Makarska Riviera is ideal for snorkeling
Baska Voda is the jewel of the Adriatic
Baska Voda Podluka Beach
Baska Voda South Beach
Baska Voda Riviera coast is dotted with tiny coves and beaches
Set against the dramatic backdrop of the Biokovo Mountain - the highest peak on the Croatian coast - Baska Voda and the Makarska Riviera are the pride of the Adriatic. Biokovo is part of the Dinara mountain range and within the "Biokovo Natural Park".
The beaches are delightful and no matter the time of year you will always be able to find your own little corner. During the winter months Baska Voda is quiet with few tourists, lending itself to restful out of season breaks or activity holidays. The climate is fairly temperate during the winter never falling much below 10 ºC.
Baska Voda Promenade
The promenade at Baska Voda is long and flat
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Beaches in Baska Voda and the Makarska Riviera